Experience speaks for itself

It is vital for any home builder in today's market to have experience in all phases of the construction and home buying process. An accumulation of this knowledge and experience gained throughout our years in the homebuilding profession has allowed Saybrook Homes the opportunity to identify, create and execute systems and procedures that in-turn, benefit our homebuyers by exercising the most cost effective and efficient means of construction resulting in a home we believe will be cherished and enjoyed for the life of the home.

Quality and value

The ability to deliver your home to you in the most cost effective and efficient manner, utilizing proven practices and techniques, resulting in a high degree of quality and value is an immeasurable benefit our buyers can appreciate. It is the purpose of Saybrook Homes to see to it that each and every homebuyer gains from these benefits resulting in a rewarding experience that will last beyond home ownership.


Our process makes the difference

The following processes are sound and proven principles based on years of experience we feel are invaluable to the homebuyer and the home buying experience:

  • 1Communication is essential in evaluating the needs and desires of our homebuyers. Flexibility in utilizing different venues of communication ensures our homebuyer's expectations are understood and successfully met.
  • 2We understand what it means to live in a desirable community. The quality-of-life gained from such an experience is immeasurable. Awareness of the market and maintaining relationships with some of the finest developers in the area allows us the opportunity to select and build in some of the finest communities around.
  • 3Working in conjunction with the finest architects in the area, the knowledge of current and future trends in architectural design affords our homebuyers the advantage of accessing and utilizing the latest in elevation and floor designs.
  • 4Curb appeal of your home is invaluable in maintaining the integrity of your street as well as your neighborhood. Home-site selection as well as the knowledge of how and where to place your home on your lot is critical in establishing and maintaining construction build-times as well as identifying potential cost overruns due to unforeseen soil or foundation issues resulting in saving our buyers both production time and unnecessary cost.
  • 5Skill in purchasing the correct materials for your home is essential for producing a great product. By consistently researching and evaluating product trends we are able to offer our buyers "up-to-date" products which help to reduce construction build-times and cost as well as minimizing subsequent warranty items after closing.
  • 6Executing construction build-times by implementing proper scheduling sequences and methods allows us to maintain and meet our production schedule so your home is delivered to you on time.
  • 7Establishing and committing to a closing a date is an integral part of the home buying process. Our homebuyers are continually informed of the status of construction of their home allowing for comfort in knowing that their closing date will be met. Satisfaction of knowing that your home is constructed with a high degree of quality. We will be there to honor our warranty commitments and provide to you the response and service you expect.