In the Spirit of Halloween…Orange Decor

The color orange is widely associated with Halloween, but not as widely used in home décor. But no need to be scared of this vibrant hue! Orange is bold and warm at the same time. Whether you introduce the color in a few fabrics and accessories or bathe the entire room with its hue, it’s a great way to automatically infuse energy and warmth to any space. (read more)


Fall: Scents of the Season

Now that the weather seems to be staying cooler, and you’ve flipped on those new gas logs, why not add a little more cozy to your home with a few candles? I adore a good smelling candle, one that infiltrates your house with its aroma and lingers for a couple days. Here are a few of my favorite Fall scents. (read more)


Fallin’ For Fall Decor

With the arrival of a new season comes the desire for a fresh look inside your home. No need to completely redecorate -- keep the look chic and sophisticated with small seasonal touches! Here are a few ideas to add a little bit of Fall to your home…and not just by what the dog and kids might track in. (read more)


Trending This Season: Fresh Interior Color Palettes

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