Bookshelves: Not Just For Books

Bookshelves are no longer just for books. In a world that is shifting away from hardbacks and paperbacks, shelves present a great opportunity to express your personality and design style. To keep it modern, check out the following tips. (read more)


Mixing and Matching Modern Floral Patterns

Patterns can add excitement to your house! Minimalistic geometric patterns have been on trend for the past few years, but now the strong lines are softening and floral patterns are in. No need to throw out the old to make way for the new, though. You can mix patterns with solids, neutrals, and even other patterns! (read more)


Designing a Family Friendly Home

Just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to give up your home's sense of style. No more crayons on the wall and Legos all over the floor! Here are some tips for how to create a home that's both aesthetically pleasing and family friendly. (read more)


Make a Statement: Creative Coffee Tables

The coffee table is one of the most basic pieces of furniture and often the focal point in any living room. These days, a coffee table is also more than just a resting place for hot beverages. Make a statement with these creative conversation pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. (read more)