Creating Family-Friendly Spaces

27 Jan 2016

A family room should be a room that allows for creativity, a little horsing around, regular wear-and-tear, and a lot of family fun time. But that doesn’t have to mean that your home looks like a toy store or day care center! Follow these tips for family-friendly design that encourages fun, fosters bonding, and promotes togetherness. (read more)


Enjoying the Comforts of Home in Winter

17 Jan 2016

The cold, dark days of winter can be depressing, especially once the holidays are over. Boost your spirits with these tips to brighten those drab days of winter and make your home a cozy and relaxing retreat! (read more)


New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

January is a time for a fresh start. Have you ever considered what you can do around your home to enhance your life? These resolutions will help turn your house into a home that reflects your personal aesthetic and improves your happiness in the new year! (read more)