Home Exercise Design

Fitness is important, and everyone exercises differently, from going to the gym to taking a walk outside. Enhance your fitness regimen by creating a workout space in your home. Whether you simply crave a sunny spot for your yoga mat or want a whole room filled with gym equipment and weights, check out these ideas for home exercise design! (read more)


Quick Curb Appeal

Whether you are planning on selling your house or simply just want your home to be inviting for guests, curb appeal is visitors' first impression and your chance to get your message across. Check out these quick curb appeal improvements that you can do in a weekend! (read more)


Boho Chic Patios

Boho chic decor is a colorful style with mixed colors, patterns, and wood textures, resulting in the perfect relaxed environment that almost makes you feel as if you are on vacation. Get inspired by these ideas for your own boho patio! (read more)