Adding Character with Chalkboard

When you think of chalkboards, images of school and kids’ playrooms probably come to mind. But in the past few years, this feature has made a comeback in a big way. You are no longer restricted to a “board” and can cover any surface, any size with chalkboard paint, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. Whether it’s an accent wall, a whole room, or a piece of furniture, chalkboard surfaces offer the ability for constant change, from updating a shopping list in the kitchen to hand-drawing seasonal wallpaper in the sitting room.

Check out these fun ideas to add an unexpected, yet functional, aesthetic space in your home!


An accent wall in your home office is the perfect place to jot down notes about work or school — and you won’t accidentally lose it!


Save space in a small nook by writing your to-do list and calendar out on the wall, large enough to not forget about it!


A chalkboard wall in the kitchen is the perfect place to write out shopping lists, weekly menus, notes about cooking, or even a recipe!


Keep your bedroom spacious and clutter-free. If your bed does not have a headboard, draw one in to add dimension and height to the room.


A chalkboard space by the front door immediately adds an inviting feel to your home and can be updated seasonally!


Add a chalkboard wall along a wall or fence in your backyard. It’s the perfect place to write a salutation for a party, to keep track of the score in cornhole, or for kids to be creative outdoors.


Don’t be afraid to be quirky, like drawing in features of a room. For example, this bathroom has a sketched-in toothbrush holder on the sink!


Create a one-off art piece that you may not intend to replace frequently. Chalk allows you to draw on any scale to create a unique look.


Don’t forget–chalk comes in colors! Whether you choose a particular color scheme or go big and bold with the whole rainbow, the look is sure to stand out against darker tones in the room.


Make your chalkboard piece the focal point of the room. Chalk allows you to create a one-of a kind art piece on any scale!


If you’re not ready for a black wall in your home, you can keep it more low-scale by painting just a small section of wall. And if you’re not artistic, you can always find wall decals that are pre-printed in the chalkboard look!