Embrace the Elements

In the wintertime, trees lose their leaves, flower use their petals, and the outdoors tends to look dreary and stark. However, you can embrace these elements to add a natural, rustic feel to your house. Tree bark is an amazing texture that can be applied virtually anywhere to make your home unique and add life. Check out these ideas to bring the outdoors in!


Update the front of an old cabinet with layered tree bark doors. Paint the frame a coordinating natural tone.



Add a woodsy detail to candles by wrapping the outside of a jar or candleholder with birch bark. Keep it easy by tying it on with twine!


Natural wood pairs well with wooden interiors. Inlaid accents of birch draw the eye up and can highlight details of the house.


Add a little bit of tree bark in an unexpected place around the house, such as by covering a picture frame. The neutral tones of the bark complement the tones in sepia photos really well!


For simple, natural party decor, incorporate bark into your tablescape! Wrap pieces of bark around a napkin ring or a floral centerpiece, or use as a place card.


Create a natural planter using an old tree stump or hollowed out part of a fallen tree. With so much texture and interest in the trunk, keep your vegetation simple, such as with a fern.


Turn an interesting scrap of birch into table decor. For visual interest, layer some natural items such as balls of moss or twigs.


Make a birch bark pendant lamp by wrapping bark around a lampshade. It will draw the eye up and add a modern, natural element to any room.


Pair tree bark with other natural items to create a wreath for your front door. Foliage such has tree leaves or moss can add a pop of color among the brown tones of the bark.


Whether you add smaller tree bark details throughout your home or embrace the bark trend by going all out with a wall of the natural substance, your home is sure to make a statement, both inside and out!