Harmonize Your Home with Feng Shui: Living Room Edition

Spring is the perfect time to update and freshen up your home. Redesign your personal environment with some basic principles of feng shui (the ancient art of balancing energy). Feng shui is simply a way to consider the relationship between yourself and your environment, which is, in this case, your living room. This is a good place to start, as it should be the space where your family all comes together and where you entertain friends and guests. A well-balanced living room should promote discussion, communication, and interactivity.

These tips are intended to create harmony in your home by stabilizing the energy flow, even if you just implement a few of the techniques. Plus, a little rearranging never hurts!

  • Eliminate clutter – Keep the energy clean and flowing by eliminating the piles of stuff. First, identify the areas that accumulate clutter (such as the garage, the hall closet, and the attic). Now, get rid of the junk, donate anything that you no longer need, and organize the rest. Now make sure that you don’t amass clutter again by regularly cleaning these areas.
  • Dust – Dust causes stagnation in the energy flow, and a steady circulation of energy is necessary for good health. Remember to clean under areas that are often forgotten, such as under the bed, behind the sofa, and beneath the refrigerator.
  • Wash the windows – Clean windows will give you a fresh perspective on life and brighten up your rooms. You will be surprised by how much dirt and gunk collects on the panes!
  • Add greenery – Refresh the energy of your space by bringing some plants or flowers indoors. They not only brighten up the room and purify the air but also symbolize fresh, new beginnings.
  • Rearrange the furniture – Place the sofa with it’s back toward and wall (and never exactly between the front door and windows. Place the rest of the living room furniture in a circle to facilitate communication. A simple way to do this is to place the front legs of all furniture on the edge of the living room rug, rather than against the walls. The smaller the rug, the tighter the arrangement! Avoid an L-shaped arrangement, which introduces an incomplete feel to the room.
  • Re-accessorize – To maintain a solid relationship, make sure that everything in the room is paired; double up on end tables, vases, and artwork, for example. Surrounding yourself with doubles will subtly reinforce the idea of partnership. Introduce wood elements, such as a solid wooden coffee table, to bring good luck. Reflective pieces, such as a mirror, create a sense of security and promote safety. An object that represents water (it could be artwork, a mirror, a blue vase, or even an actual fountain) will instill energy.
  • Consider a new color scheme Color has a powerful psychological impact on mood. To attract money or good fortune, for example, consider incorporating the colors red, green, or purple into your scheme. With Radiant Orchid being the color of the year, it should not be difficult to find accessories that enhance your current palette!
  • Hang family photos – Smiling photos of yourself and your family, particularly in high-traffic areas, will make you happier. Do not display pictures of fierce or aggressive animals, as these introduce negative symbolism.


Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the new balanced atmosphere that you have created in your home. If nothing else, you now have a clean and newly-arranged living room!

Orchid in your home

Orchid in your home



Contributing author: Shelley Cernel