Light Up the Outdoors

Longer days and warmer weather create the perfect atmosphere to entertain guests. But the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets! Bring your patio to life at night with these simple solutions to light up your outdoor space!


String lights are a great way to add consistent light overhead, and they can surprisingly really light up the space. Whether strung in trees, from poles, or along the eaves of your home, the possibilities are endless.


Tiki torches are the epitome of summer. They give a fun island vibe and can also be practical, such as citronella torches that help keep the bugs away.


If you are hanging around your patio table for after dinner drinks, a few arranged candles or lanterns are all you need to light up your space. Create a centerpiece with a purpose by adding a few other sit arounds at the base of the lanterns.


Fill your trees with paper lanterns to create a magical atmosphere. These orbs of light are the perfect accessory to kick any special occasion up a notch.


If you have stairs in your outdoor space, consider stair riser lights to highlight the steps to avoid trips and falls. The subtle lighting also adds a nice ambience.


Fire pits are a summertime favorite. They not only provide light but they also make a great gathering spot after dinner.


Hanging lights that look like they belong inside can turn your patio into a second dining room, complete with all the luxuries of the indoors. A chandelier is the perfect touch to add an unexpected elegance to your patio.


Light up your pathways to help people see at night. Often, these types of lights are solar-powered so you never have to worry about making sure they are all lit by dusk!


Use landscape lighting throughout your yard to create a warm, welcoming ambiance. It can also be used to highlight certain areas of your space you want people to avoid, such as water features.


Mix and match backyard lighting to create your perfect atmosphere! Whether you like to relax with a good book and glass of wine by the fire, or you love to throw patio parties every weekend, the right lighting is sure to set the mood!