Pops of Color

It feels like Summer outside, and with the warm weather comes beautiful blooming flowers. Channel the bursts of color popping up outside by adding pops of color in unexpected places throughout your home. Check out these fun ideas for a home pick-me-up that is sure to surprise and delight.


Paint the inside of your coat closet! Hallway closets are usually crammed so full you can’t even see the walls. Use the closet in your front hall as the go-to for guests garments, where a coat of paint is sure to be a conversation starter.


If you want to go a more traditional route and not get too crazy with color, go for an edgy look by painting the edges of a door a bright,  hue that no one will be expecting!


A monotone kitchen can look super stylish, but to add some personality, add a touch of color inside your cupboards that is sure to stand out whenever you grab a dish.


Don’t constrain your color to just the kitchen. Get your creative juices flowing in your office with a “hidden” colorful desk.


Hardwood floors in the home are more popular than ever, but why limit yourself to natural brown tones? Make a bold choice by painting your floor a bright color — this looks especially great in a sunroom with lots of natural light!


Paint a smaller, unique piece of furniture an unexpected color, such as an accent table in the front hall.


Introduce color in a sneaky spot — paint your furniture’s hardware for a pop of color against natural tones, such as the legs of a wooden table or chair.


Kitchen backsplashes are all the rage these days. Kick up the modern look a notch by painting your baseboard a coordinating color!


People put careful thought into the color of their exterior front door, but most don’t think about the other doors in their house. Add a punch of color by painting a typically white interior door a fun color.


Add a touch of whimsy in a smaller space by using your ceiling as your accent wall. It keeps the room from looking too busy and makes it seem airier.


A little bit of paint in an unexpected place is a quick and easy way to add some color to your home this season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with those bold tones that in big batches may be too much!