Powerful Purple

Purple is a bold color. With such a range, it’s very versatile. Deep purples indicate luxury and royalty, while lighter versions feel more feminine and soothing. Whichever tones you sway towards, though, purple is, undoubtedly, stylish. For a lot of people, it can be intimidating to incorporate into their home. Whether you use it subtly, stick to an accent wall, or go big with a whole room of purple, check out these ideas for incorporating this color into your home.


Keep your room light and airy with a pale shade of purple. This sophisticated, feminine shade is soft and subtle and pairs perfectly with cream or white.


Turn a boring space, such as a hallway, into a more interesting home feature with purple! Try a darker, patterned purple on top with a lighter shade for the bottom half of the space for an expected look that will make the walkway seem larger!


For an updated look in your home office, try a two-tone purple look. Paint the lower panels a dusty purple, complemented by a light lavender at the top of the room. These tones pair perfectly with wooden floors and furniture.


Create a bold, royal look by going all out with a jewel-toned purple. Pair it with yellow and gold to complete the luxurious look. Wooden furniture and floors add warmth to the regal room.


Mauve, white, and black are a classic color combo that creates a crisp, high-end look. This is the perfect opportunity to play with single-toned textures, such as a glossy white ornate mirror or velvet pillows.


Use a deep, dark purple with lighter yellow-toned colors such as creams, gold, and lime green to “ground” the room and make lighter colors stand out more. This tone helps create a focal point in a room with large patterns, such as wallpaper.


Create a spa-like atmosphere with a soft lavender or lilac. Use it in a “calm, peaceful room”, such as a bedroom or bathroom.


When used boldly on all four walls, dark purple can create a cozy atmosphere. Try an accent wall with a geometric pattern over the purple for a unique touch.


Go for an exotic look by mixing purple with warmer colors such as pink and gold. Luxurious fabrics such as satin and silk complete the look. Use purple to “frame” the focal point of the room by painting a large square behind your bed.


Use a “dusty” shade of gray with silver and whites. An accent wall in this shade will make white furniture pop! Metal and angular features keep this tone edgy and contemporary!


With such a vast range of powerful purples, the possibilities are endless. Add this eclectic, yet distinguished color to your home for an unexpected pop of excitement.