Spring Patios

Warmer weather and longer days make your patio the perfect place to entertain guests, enjoy a glass of wine, or simply just relax with a good book. Give your outdoor space a fun, eye-catching update this season with these ideas!

When you are entertaining outside, use indoor accessories such as blankets and pillows to create a cozy atmosphere.


Use rugs to define your space and hold your sitting area together. For a larger area, place two rugs side by side–most people won’t even notice!


Everyone loves to be outside in the Summer, but the sun beating down can be unpleasant. Hang outdoor curtains for shade when needed. They also provide privacy from the neighbors.


Create a focal point in an empty space. A blank wall is the perfect place to add some texture or color. Try a wall sculpture or even painting a simple patterned mural.


Consider going vertical with your greenery. Why keep plants on just one level? A living element is the perfect way to soften a plain, hard surface and to help hold the space together.


Outdoor furniture tends to come in neutral tones. Add a splash of color that reflects your personality with a brightly colored throw, a snazzy patterned pillow, or a fun rug. These are easy to change out with the seasons.


Make your outdoor eating space just as formal as your indoor dining room with elements such as a solid wood table and a chandelier or large lantern hanging from above.


A fire pit is the perfect place to gather round after dinner to share drinks and laughter with your guests long into the night. Making s’mores is optional!


A bar cart on your patio makes it easy to keep guests’ drinks refreshed and means you won’t miss any of the conversation! Add some outdoor elements such as a fun lantern or a colorful potted plant to keep it from looking too formal and out of place.



Whether you simply update your patio accessories or go all out with a new porch feature, give your outdoor space a makeover this Spring and turn your backyard into the go-to place for your entertaining your guests!