Stylish Ceiling Fans

19 Jun 2015

With the summer heat, ceiling fans are almost a necessity, but they tend to have a bad reputation as clunky eye sores on the ceiling that just collect dust. Don’t be mistaken – you don’t have to stick with the standard fan that comes with your house. Check out these streamlined styles – you’re sure to find something that matches your interior decor!



Pick a fan that fits the style and proportion of your space. A pitched ceiling offers the opportunity for a big, bold fan that becomes a design feature.



Not all fans need to be attention-grabbing. A sleek, white fan blends in with the ceiling color, but it still offers a modern presence.



If your room is in need of overhead light, more modern fans have subtly incorporated light fixtures without being distracting.



Fans do not necessarily have to hang in the middle of the room. Try smaller fans along the perimeter of the ceiling to circulate air from the sidelines. This is particularly effective in an outdoor space.



If you want something more unique to the usual fan-blade shape, consider a more artistic centerpiece, such as this ribbon-inspired fan.



If you want to make your fan a design element, try a dynamic, contemporary fan. When the strands are still, the fan feels sophisticated. When they fan is on, it feels energetic.



There is a fan for every style. This one has canvas blades, rope details, and a caged light, making it perfect for a coastal theme.


With hot summer days already here, stylish ceiling fans are a great alternative or addition to air conditioning. Fans can be a great design feature in any room of the house, and they can match any style! Try one of these ideas out and stay cool this summer!