Summer Hearths

Everyone knows fireplaces are the perfect feature to make your home feel warm and cozy in the cooler months. But what do you do with it in the summer when you don’t need fire to feel warm? Check out these cool ideas to turn your empty hearth into a fun focal point the rest of the year.


Create a captivating arrangement with colorful vases. Different heights of similar glassware can add depth and make a smaller space seem bigger.


Transform your fireplace into a functional space! Add a shelf or two for a unique place to keep books handy to grab.


Update your fire! A candle arrangement doesn’t give off much heat, but it does provide a focal point to gather around.


Fresh greenery is sure to liven a space up. Replace wood logs with a fuller plant spilling out of the fireplace.


Arrange smaller potted plants to fill out the space and easily update with a new flower or simply rearrange at your every whim.


Fill your hearth with a mirror to make the room look bigger, reflect light, and (if you have a colorful, pretty area rug) practically create a work of art from a rug’s reflection.


Get the welcoming effect of a fireplace without the added heat by wrapping some string lights around the logs in your fireplace!


Create a show-stopping fireplace by pumping up the color! Paint logs an unexpected bright color to evoke a Summer feeling!


An empty hearth is the perfect place to display a unique statue or oddly shaped item that you didn’t know where else to place in your home.


If you never got around to cleaning up your fireplace from winter usage, just cover it with a bright, summery screen!


You may not need to light up a fire inside this summer, but don’t ignore this focal point in your living room! Make the most of your empty hearth during warmer weather by making a visual statement that is sure to draw attention!