Surprising Succulents

Succulents are one of the most popular decorating trends today. Tiny and adorable, these versatile tropical plants can be arranged as a group to make a big statement or stand out on their own. Check out these creative ideas on how to up your gardening game with succulents.



Create a vertical garden gallery wall by filling colorful vintage picture frames with succulents.


Succulents are the perfect fillers, and any small item can become a unique “pot”. For example, look at these ladles, all ready to be hung up!


Nothing says “welcome” like a living, breathing wreath on your front door. Attach succulents in a fun arrangement that reflects your personality!


Fill unique planters with succulents that can easily fill any form. Try fun shapes, or even letters to spell a short message!


Accessorize top-heavy potted plants with a ground cover of succulents. They create the perfect landscape to accompany plants at different heights.


Fill any (literally ANY) glass container with colorful sands and rocks and top with your favorite plants. Whether it’s an old fish bowl or fun vase or a unique glass jar, this is the perfect way to create a memorable glass terrarium.


Create a unique decoration, perfect for both parties and your home decor, by filling glass orbs with small pebbles and small plants. Tie the glass terrariums on thick string or twine at various heights so they have the appearance of floating.


If you have a variety of succulents on hand, create a colorful living wall! Use each plant as a “color chip” to create an image or pattern on your vertical art!


Isolate one interesting succulent with unique details and arrange with white contrasting pebbles to create a simple, modern centerpiece.


Succulents are plants and can be grown in the dirt, not just isolated. Their small stature and unique colors and design make them the perfect ground cover to call out a “garden space”, such as in the backyard or lining the sidewalk.


Succulents are a great design feature to freshen up any room and can be a luscious addition to any arrangement or decoration. This sustainable plant is easy to keep alive and provides plenty of options for colors, patterns, and details.