Pops of Color

It feels like Summer outside, and with the warm weather come beautiful blooming flowers. Channel the bursts of color popping up outside by adding pops of color in unexpected places throughout your home. (read more)


Using Washi Tape to Decorate

Washi tape is decorative Japanese paper tape that comes in hundreds of patterns and colors. It's often used in arts and crafts projects, but it also comes in handy when you are redecorating your home and want a less-permanent solution than paint! (read more)


Add a Modern Touch With Graffiti as Wall Art

A recent modern trend incorporates graffiti into home decor. Even more traditional homes can feature this unique style. Check out the following ideas for inspiration to add a wow factor to your home! (read more)


Bookshelves: Not Just For Books

Bookshelves are no longer just for books. In a world that is shifting away from hardbacks and paperbacks, shelves present a great opportunity to express your personality and design style. To keep it modern, check out the following tips. (read more)

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