Mixing Patterns

Patterns can add interest and excitement to any room, but it can be intimidating to try to mix colors and patterns. Check out these daring decorating ideas for how to mix patterns. (read more)


Fantastic Fireplaces For Every Room

Traditionally, fireplaces were a necessity for keeping the house warm. Today, however, fireplaces tend to symbolize luxury. In the cooler seasons, sitting in front of the fireplace staring at the crackling flames instantly makes you feel cozy and warm. It is expected that fireplaces be found in the living room, but check out these other fun places to feature a fireplace. Stay warm in every room of the house! (read more)


8 Ways to Create Curb Appeal

Even though you may not be planning on selling any time soon, a fresh exterior is nice to come home to everyday. Plus, a home with good curb appeal sets the tone for your house and is more welcoming for guests. (read more)


The Ominous Blank Wall . . . A Canvas for Creativity

Most people have that one blank wall in their home that they just don’t know what to do with. Maybe you are intimidated by the task and break into sweats just thinking about how to cover that wall (and so you leave it bare). Or maybe you just want to refresh your wall décor in time for Spring. Whatever the case may be, get inspired as we explore some creative options (don’t worry – you don’t have to break the bank to make a good impression). (read more)

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