9 Ideas to Freshen Your Home for Spring

A traditional spring cleaning overhaul can be, well, overwhelming. Consider a simple spring refresh instead! Focus on a few key areas and design updates to get your home ready for spring. These 9 ideas will get you started! (read more)


Interior Decor Trends 2016

2016 has just begun, but already the decor world is establishing exciting designs and patterns. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends that you'll start seeing a whole lot more of in the coming seasons! (read more)


Alternative Christmas Trees

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it is time to start decorating for the holidays! While real trees smell great, and fake trees look almost as good without the mess, sometimes a Christmas tree may not work into your seasonal plans. Whether you're away a large part of the holidays, you have a new pet, or you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of a tree this year, consider these ideas for a non-traditional Christmas! (read more)


Stylish She Sheds

For women who may be jealous of their partner's "Man Cave", "She Sheds" are a new trend redefining backyard bliss. These zen dens allow women to escape to their own personal private retreats without ever having to leave home. Typically constructed in a backyard nook, these tiny cottages offer women personal space for reading, gardening, crafting, and more. Check out these gorgeous lady lairs that we've rounded up for you to get inspired by! (read more)

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