Adding Character with Chalkboard

Chalkboard surfaces offer the ability for constant change, be it updating a shopping list in the kitchen or hand-drawing seasonal wallpaper in the sitting room. Check out these fun ideas to add an unexpected, yet functional, aesthetic space in your home! (read more)


5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wall Color

Paint color is a powerful way to make a statement and express yourself, as well as an easy way to make a room style change. However, for many people choosing a paint color can be the most difficult part of the redecorating process. Consider the following questions you should ask yourself prior to painting. (read more)


Add a Modern Touch With Graffiti as Wall Art

A recent modern trend incorporates graffiti into home decor. Even more traditional homes can feature this unique style. Check out the following ideas for inspiration to add a wow factor to your home! (read more)


The Ominous Blank Wall . . . A Canvas for Creativity

Most people have that one blank wall in their home that they just don’t know what to do with. Maybe you are intimidated by the task and break into sweats just thinking about how to cover that wall (and so you leave it bare). Or maybe you just want to refresh your wall décor in time for Spring. Whatever the case may be, get inspired as we explore some creative options (don’t worry – you don’t have to break the bank to make a good impression). (read more)