Twinkle Lights for the Whole Year

18 Dec 2015

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the magical glow of the holidays behind. Keep that warm, cozy feeling through the cold of winter with these fun ideas for using white twinkle lights in every room of the house!

Wine Bottle Lights

Darker color wine bottles filled with lights make a great centerpiece for the dining room table or a statement piece on your mantel. Arrange a cluster or row of three!


Light Table Runner

For an illuminating festive centerpiece, weave a string of lights over your table runner at your next get-together.


Cupcake Liner Lights

Pop cupcake liners over fairy lights for a look that is perfect for any party, all year long!


Light Canopy

Create a serene, calming ambiance by hanging a cascading fairy light canopy in your bedroom.



Make floral fantasy lights with twinkle lights and silk flowers!



Turn your backyard into a winter wonderland by wrapping twinkle lights around tree trunks!



String lights around a large mirror (even better if it’s on the floor) for a romantic ethereal vibe.



Fill a hurricane vase, mason jar, or even a growler with a string of lights–perfect for winter nights.



Wrap a string of lights with paper lanterns around a large branch and hang it above the bed.



Zig-zag a strand back and forth and use clothespins to hang photographs or notes.



Create a romantic headboard by covering a wood frame with translucent panels and filling the crossbeams with lights.



Hang some extra lighting in your patio or garden for a dreamy space.


Whether you bunch a string of lights in a jar, hang them over your bed, or drape them around a window, get inspired by these ideas and keep the magical glow in your home all year long!